​​​​And the reasons about my certainty are simple: 

  • Right now there are 31,000+ maptags taken, which means, there are many potential good names left to be picked, but it is rising on daily basis, so the sooner you pick your map tags the better! 
  • A second reason is that acquiring maptags right now is easier right now, than how it will be in the future, and there are many great maptags that arefree and ready to be registered!
  • Another great reason is that maptags offer the opportunity for large companies to advertise those maptags in national and international ads, which will be very easy to remember by consumers, compared to the regular long physical address such as: 1234 W Street, City, 60000. And sooner or later this will attract the majority of companies to the maptag holders.

In addition, the prices of the special (1-6 characters) and premium (6-12 characters) are very cheap to acquire! You get the maptag for free for 3 months and the 1 year renew fee is at 1 credit (1 credit=$2) Not to mention that you can get 1 free credit every time you refer someone! You also get 1/5 of the their referrals (The people you referred). For more information visit the Mapta.gs FAQ.

Be sure to obtain your maptags before it is too late! And to follow maptags on twitter,@Maptagss, and on facebook, /maptagss, for the latest updates and news!​ 

Additionally, feel free to join the growing 2,000+ maptags facebook group, where members discuss, advertise maptags.

GIPortfolio.com, has already invested in the revolutionary mapta.gs and we are offering them for sale:


A revolution is rising in the GPS
and navigation platform!
Mapta.gs is introducing a new
and innovative way of typing
your address to navigate your way. 

The idea has been accepted by many general investors
, and domain investors as well like myself as well as many other domain investors. Including companies, and business owners. In addition, a lot of regular people have registered Maptags whom would like to have a cool name as their home address when they navigate their way!

The idea itself is very simple, yet very creative! It is almost like a speed dial, you create an ID for a certain address you desire, and that ID will show the address you entered. For example, you create a maptag "Z" for your address, when you enter Mapta.gs/z it will show the address you entered for the letter Z when it is entered, but keep in mind, once someone picks the map tag "Z" it is not available for registry to anyone else, but you can claim your own free maptag today! 
Click here to acquire your own maptag. 

​The benefits of maptags:

  • Great in guiding people to your place!​
  • Very useful in preventing people losing their way in event management, like meetings, parties, weddings... etc.
  • Businesses, Hotels, Food/Mail Delivery as well as Ecommerce websites. 

The Opportunity:
​This is a great opportunity for domain investors and anyone! To obtain the desired maptags, considering that the idea is quite creative! And there is really no telling on how big this will become. Not to mention, there are some maptags that are sold already in private sales. 

​Just like how the golden age to invest in domain names was in 1985-1995, right now is the golden age to invest in maptags!

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